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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> still coming down. now they say law enforcement and the national guard is overwhelmed there and they're asking for sportsman, fishing boats to come out and help. that's all for us. see you tomorrow. and again this hour with a fox news alert where deadly flood waters continue to raise big concerns for so many in the south. after days of relentless rain the rivers in louisiana and mississippi are now breaching their banks. at least two people have been killed and there are reports of more than 1,000 others who have been rescued across louisiana. the flooding in some areas has reached record levels with louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency and asking folks to be prepared for additional evacuations. we will keep you posted with further developments as they happen later in this hour. and now other fox news alert and another attack on train as it rolled through europe. this time in northeastern
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switzerland. police are saying six people injured, some seriously after a man setting fire to a train car, then stabbing several passengers as that train entered the salez station. a 6-year-old child is among the injured. as well as two teenagers. investigators are saying the attacker is a swiss citizen who was also injured. there is no motive but authorities across europe are on high alert for lone wolves in light of recent terror attacks. and of course we're going to keep you posted on any developments as they happen. and now to presidential politics. with just 86 days to go stakes remain high and heated between hillary clinton and donald trump. at this hour trump is in his home state of new york fund-raising. and then hess off to connecticut where he thinks he can flip a traditionally blue state into a win for the gop. later today he is holding a
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rally to help cement support despite the fact that connecticut has not gone red since it voted for george bush sr. in 1988. meanwhile, hillary clinton has now released her tax returns and is pressing mr. trump to do the same. joining us now with more, peter doocy live in fairfield, connecticut. peter? >> uma, the trufr campaign is dismissing the importance of hillary clinton's must discussed friday afternoon's tax return release with jason miller telling, quote, hillary clinton has turned over the only records nobody wants to see from her. the american public wants to see the 33,000 e-mails she deleted to on instruct an fbi investigation. now, there's more focus spotlight on hillary clinton does come as trump campaign apparently buries the hatchet with the rnc because after days of reports about tension between party leaders and the party nominee reince priebus, the chairman, popped up at a
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pennsylvania rally to very enthusiastically introduce donald trump and dismiss reports about drama. >> don't believe the garbage you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house and save this country together. >> reporter: now, as for trump he is still blaming hillary clinton and barack obama for letting isis form and then get stronger on their watch. and he's also using the size of his crowds, which are consistently very large in swing states, as a way to forecast electoral college success. he's telling supporters he thinks that democratic rule breaking is the only way clinton can beat him in the keystone state. >> is everybody here voting? if you do that, if you do that, we're not going to lose. the only way we can lose, in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on.
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i really believe it. because i looked at erie and it was the same thing as this around i've been all over the state and i know the state well. >> reporter: and trump wants everybody at the ral i wills that's turning out to act as poll monitors. in fact, there is a place on his website now that you can register as an official trump campaign election watcher for election day. obviously that is a ways away. many more rallies until then. today it's going to be here in fairfield, connecticut. this is as deep a blue state as you can get. but his campaign manager paul manafort has said recently they think he can win here. we'll see. >> thank you, peter, very much for that update. let's bring in dr. ben carson now with a former gop presidential candidate and now a donald trump supporter. welcome, sir. great to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> i want to begin with the push from the clinton campaign calling on donald trump to release his tax returns now that she's gone public. i wanted your reaction to the fact that she's donated more
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than a million dollars into her own foundation under charitable contributions. >> well, obviously there's a lot of things that are being hidden there, a lot of relationships that are not above board with the -- between the clinton foundation and the state department. and why in the world would someone delete 33,000 e-mails? obviously you don't want people to be able to see what's going on. some of the ones that have been recovered have shown a light on what's going on. and brought it to a point where it's even more suspicious. so that's what we really want to see. and that's what we -- that's what should continue to be emphasized. as far as donald trump's tax rees are concerned, he said when the audit's over he will release them. there's no requirement to release those. and, in fact, when you decide that you're going to run for president, you have to submit a
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financial disclosure which really is much more detailed than a tax return. that information is already available for people to see. >> but let's talk about the optics of this for a moment. because president nixon did release his tax returns when he was in the midst of an audit and the pushback from the clinton campaign and others is that an audit does not prevent you from releasing something to show the public what it is that you have done over the past year in terms of your taxes, in terms of your finance, et cetera. how do you respond to that? >> true. i would simply say that he is being advised by his lawyers not to do it. and, you know, most of us listen to our legal counsel. but the fact of the matter is, why is there no interest in, you know, the things that hillary clinton has hidden? why was there no interest in the hidden records of barack obama when he was running? why was the press willing to just say, okay, you can hide
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your academic records. obviously there's something there you don't want us to see. but it's okay. it's fine. the double standard is just incredible. >> so as of now, as far as you know, the trump campaign stands by what it says, it will not release those tax returns until the audit is compeleted in. >> that is correct. you know, i would challenge anyone to say, what would you find in those tax returns that would change the narrative? >> interesting point. the trump campaign hoped to focus much of this week on his economic plan for america. instead mr. trump found himself in the midst of a media over -- situation over his remarks that become is the founder of isis. other olympics try to defend him hoping to clarify his remarks saying, for example, what he meant to say was that mr. obama created the environment for isis but then trump doubled down saying he meant what he meant was that he -- that what he says, he wanted to stick by
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that. now he's walking it back saying he was being sarcastic. he's done this before on other remarks. do you think this hurts him with people who don't know if he's being serious or not and does this take him off course? >> well, i don't think anybody with normal reasoning ability believes for one moment that donald trump is saying that barack obama and hillary clinton were over there in the middle east, you know, laying the groundwork and establishing all the connections for isis. what he's saying is pretty obvious. and just, you know, when hillary clinton said that he was a major recruiter, i don't think anybody believed that he was over there recruiting people for isis. you know, at some point people have to start using their brain and thinking about what is the point that is being made and stop dissecting every little word, every little comma. you know, it doesn't make any sense. and obviously it's been done for
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a purpose. the purpose is to keep the subject as donald trump so you don't have to talk about hillary clinton because her shortcomings are incredible. and if they would just spend a little bit of equal time here looking at the negatives and the positives, that would be great. but even more importantly, if they would talk about the real issues. our country is in great trouble economically. you know, we're approaching $20 trillion and an even bigger fiscal gap. we've got all kinds of infrastructure problems. our school systems. not to mention radical islamic terrorism. i mean, these are the --are the should be talking about. >> but what about the fact that there are a number of republicans right now who are actually worried about the campaign, saying that neither he nor the campaign is disciplined enough to win? how do you respond to those critics and to the folk, those 70 gop members who put out a list this week saying that
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they're defecting, they're not going to support mr. trump? do those folks even matter to the campaign? does this bother you that this party unity is fracturing in some areas? >> well, yes, it does bother me. and i would much rather see people being able to look at the big picture. what those people don't understand, they think, well, even if hillary gets in, you know, it's four years or maybe eight years at the worse. and we're back in the ball game. that's not true. things will have changed significantly by populating the federal court system with, you know, progressives and the supreme court with progressives. it will last for a much longer time than they're thinking. and we may never be able to recover. they have to be able to look at the big picture. and that's going to be really the key. recognize that donald trump is a very non-traditional candidate. and he's up against a well-established and very powerful, you know, political
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organization, both democrats and republicans. >> have you spoken to him directly? have you spoken to him directly over the last few days about the tone and some of his statements that are, you know, making big headlines right now, saying perhaps maybe he needs to step it back a little? >> well, we've discussed it, but i'm not sure that i concentrate as much as other people on how he has to change as much as adding to what's being said. you know, the key factors that have gotten people concerned. i think we really have to keep the heat up when it comes to the things that hillary clinton has done because the mainstream media wants to just sweep it under the rug and somebody has got to talk about it. i think somebody needs to be talking about voter fraud. you know, and a lot of people say, oh, no, we better leave that one alone because somebody will call us a racist. well, you know, he's not afraid of that. it is perfectly reasonable to be
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looking at things that have happened in the past and try to prevent those things from happening now. >> all right, dr. ben carson, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us with your insights. >> you, too. thank you. we have more fallout over a report that the military skewed intelligence about the fight against isis. now, that report backing up a whistle-blower's claim that top intel officials altered documents to paint a more positive picture of the isis fight. congressman, a member of the task force behind the report, that's raising new questions. >> they wanted to tell a story that isis was the jv, that we were -- had al qaeda on the run. and so everyone in the administration understood that the story that you wanted to tell to your leaders, if you wanted to get promoted, be successful, was one of success. >> joining us now with more reaction ambassador jim woolsey, former director of the cia and
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chairman for the foundation for defense of democracies. smith's new report concerns reports that u.s. central command which of cease military efforts in the middle east were deliberately doctored to present a more positive picture of the u.s. defense against isis. all of this fits with the president's initial overview that isis was merely a jv team and it had been contained. . in your view, who would have ordered that directive which had 40% of our intel analysts supporting the isis analysis? >> they may not need to give an explicit order. when henry ii killed the archbishop in the cathedral he never ordered anyone to do it. he said, someone rid me of this turbulent priest. guys around him went out and stabbed the priest. as the head of a big powerful organization, whether it's the military or henry ii's kingdom
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you can get people to do what you want by nodding, winking, incli inclining, usually i think the military is stronger in resisting something like that that much of the rest of our government and society. but even they may knuckle under to it from time to time and it's a real shame when and if it happens. >> is that a wink and a nod that could come as directive, could that be tied directly to the president or is he insulated from those who put these assessments together? >> this sort of things tends to be done with intermediaries, with national security, deput deputy,ed aer deputy, ed a ed a adviser, and so forth. saying, you know, the way things are getting told and they really like it in the white house is x, y, z. i think what's happening, uma, is that there was a time, i would say as recently as maybe the '70s and '80s, in which people looked first at the facts and then tried to figure out what the implications of that were for having a strategy and
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policies. and then put together a narrative, a story to explain the policy that you had come up with. that's perfectly reasonable. but what seems to have happened is people got the idea that they start with the narrative. and so what, if anything conflicts with the narrative, benghazi, the lack of capability on behalf of terrorist group, if anything conflicts with the story that they want to tell, people in the administration will adjust the facts in order to fit the narrative. and backwards, essentially. >> when you distort this analysis doesn't it put lives on the ground at risk? >> it does. >> don't you think we've compromised security channels over seas? >> it's a terrible thing to do. it's a terrible thing to give in to. any of us who have been in intelligence over the years and u.s. government has seen things like this either occur or just
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about occur. and the difference between people in a circumstance like that is whether you call it straight or whether you give in to the wink and the nod coming from the boss or the boss' buddy. and i think usually our military people are good at having tough backbones. but occasionally it may go the other way. >> it's a very troubling situation indeed. ambassador woolsey, thank you for joining us with your insights. >> good with you again, uma. we have more news now on our breaking news story at the top of the hour. louisiana governor john bell edwards saying crews have rescued more than a thousand people. emergency officials are calling it a historic event. take a look at these pictures, folks. wide spread flooding across the gulf coast with rising waters leaving two people dead. southeastern part of that state embraces for another round of rain. will carr has been following this and joins us more with
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more. will, how bad is this looking for louisiana at this hour? >> well, uma, this is really unprecedented. in fact, the water in this area is members expected to crest at least four feet higher than the previous record. the rain is continuing to pound all throughout this region. this weekend we've seen neighborhoods that are swamped by the water, roads have turned into rivers. interstates have been shut down and cars swept away. some areas have gotten more than a foot of rain in just a few short hours which have led to water rescues by both boat and helicopter. other residents have simply had to try to drift out through if water to make it to safety. the national guard is now on the scene. shelters have been set up. we've seen cemeteries that were flooded, coffin s unearthed and fleeting down treatment. add it up and authorities are pleading with people to stay safe and out of the area. >> we have had multiple fatalities already because of motorists whose vehicle, heavy
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reeks were swept off of roads because of swift moving currents along these rivers and creeks. so asking everyone to simply evacuate, stay off the road if you don't have to. and if you're going to be on the road, be extremely cautious. >> back in 1983 this part of louisiana saw a record-breaking flood. during that flood, thousands of homes were damaged, impacted by the flood. the issue here is, they're expecting this to continue to rain for at least the next 367 hours. so they think that all the records that were set more than 30 years ago are going to be broken here. really uncertain when the weather will actually calm down. the governor coming out a couple of hours ago, uma, and saying they're really expecting this to get much worse before the waters start to go down. uma? >> will, thank you very much for that update. our thoughts and prayers are with the folks dealing with that very tough situation. >> absolutely.
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well, some gold medal dreams put on old as olympic officials try to clean up the water in rio. polluted waterways and murky pools are raising serious health concerns right now on day eight of the games. we're live in rio. and three men under arrest in the shooting death of a new mexico police officer. investigators are saying this isn't the group's first violent crime. what we're learning about those suspects.
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welcome back. now to the southwest part of the nation right now where three suspects are in custody after the fatal shooting of the new mexico police officer there. gunfire erupting yesterday during a routine traffic stop. police saying the suspect speeding away from the scene before ditching their vehicle. stealing another one, all this prompting officer on a high speed chase with speeds topping 100 miles an hour. authorities finally apprehending them. reportedly after they crashed that car. local report says two of the suspects were wanted for another deadly shooting that happened last month in ohio. turning now to the olympics with some olympic athletes facing an unexpected opponent in rio, contaminated water. some water sports had been put on hold as crews try to clean
11:24 am
things up but athletes are already complaining as polluted waterways and murky pools are raising serious health concerns right now. joined live from rio. steve, what's wrong with all those pools? >> originally, uma, there were concerns for the outdoor athletes but now that concern has spread indoors as well to the pools. what's causing it isn't clear at this point but there has been a steady deterioration in at least the color of the water, especially in the diving pool over the week from tuesday to friday. it went from blue to a murky green. so bad on friday morning that diving practice was halted. the divers were told to practice dry training exercises on friday. a lot of explanation so far given. perhaps the growth of algae. perhaps shortage of chemicals used. one rio spokesman saying chemistry is not an exact science. so far though they are saying they're testing the water and there's po danger to any of the athletes. uma? >> all right, steve.
11:25 am
how are those outdoor athletes coping at this point? >> really they're doing everything they can to keep the water out of their mouth. they've been advised really never put your head underneath the water. it's a challenge effort sailors who really get tossed around in the bay here. we've talked to some of them at length about what they try and go. they try not to be too negative about the games but already there has been one victim perhaps to the polluted water around rio. a belgian sailor. a woman expected to medal, who was a bronze medalist in the past, she has an intestinal virus now that's really sidelined her, weakened her a great deal. her coach is putting the blame squarely on the polluted waters in rio for knocking her out of medal competition. >> so sad her olympic dreams have been dashed due to this intestinal situation. thanks for updating us on this sto story. >> thank you. cyber attack against democrats appears to be getting
11:26 am
worse. how the party is now responding to major security breach. plus, republicans now reacting to new remarks from bill clinton. using the strongest possible terms to push back against accusations that his wife is lying to the fbi about her e-mails. and what the controversy means for hillary clinton's campaign in the weeks and months ahead. why then did he have a secret meeting with loretta lynch on the tarmac in arizona to make sure he could tamp downey kind of prosecution that comes with the doj. if he wasn't concerned about hillary clinton and her scandal with the e-mail he wouldn't have had to have that secret meeting with loretta lynch. he knows better than that.
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welcome back. years of quick check of other headlines right now. police in thailand saying they hope to id suspect over the next few days in a series of bombings and arson attacks in several tourist towns. four people killed there and many others injured. those attacks coming days after
11:31 am
ties of proved a new constitution. some say this is bolstering the military. and fidel castro celebrating 90th birthday by releasing a letter thanking cubans for their support over the years and criticizing president obama for refusing to apologize to the japanese during a recent trip to h hiroshima. cyber attack against democrats was bigger than initially thought acting more than 100 party officials and groups. main targets including members of hillary clinton's campaign staff. joining us now with more rich edson from washington. rich? >> e-mail exchanges and strategy memos of democratic operatives continue to emerge from privacp. last night at a hacker identifying as 2.0 posted personal information for nearly 200 current and former democratic members of congress. the hacker says the posted documents are the result of a breach into the democratic
11:32 am
congressional campaign committee that's an organization responsible for electing democrats to the house. in a statement ccc spokesperson says, quote, previously noted the dccc has been a target of cyber security indent and cooperating with federal law enforcement in their on going investigation. we are aware of reports that documents claimed to be from our network have been released and are investigating their authenticity. this latest posting of hack documents follows those unveiled just ahead of the democratic convention. stolen from the democratic national committee the e-mail exchanges show party favoritism to hillary clinton over senator bernie sanders in their race for the democratic presidential nomination. several dnc staffers lost their jobs including chair debbie wasserman schultz, house leader nancy pelosi. russians are responsible for these hacks. also, in a statement, democratic congressman adam schiff writes, quote, i have every confidence that law enforcement will get to the bottom of this and identify the responsible parties papd
11:33 am
when they do i hope the administration will disclose who was attempting to interfere with the american political process. and levy strong consequences against those responsible. the dnc say they're initiating a cyber security task force in response to all of this. well, there's new fall bout over bill clinton's response to allegations that his wife lied when she said she never received classified e-mails on her private server. mr. clip on tclinton calling th accusations simply not true. >> the fbi director said, when he testified before congress, he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails or classified. they saw two little notes with a "c" on it. this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. >> all right. bring in campaign manager for ronald reagan and chief strategist for the great american pact which supports donald trump. so there's bill clinton reacting
11:34 am
to the e-mails, calling it bull. >> there's a long history between mrs. clinton and president clinton. and he probably wouldn't have been elected president had she not gone on "60 minutes" and said there was no truth to flowers affair or no truth to the monica lewinsky thing. there's a pattern there. one of them makes a mistake and the other one cleaovers it up. at the end of the day what the fbi director said to his knowledge, she had not lied when she came in to testify before the fbi which she would be stupid to do that because if she did that's a felon me did not say there was not classified documents. he said clearly it was carelessly handled. the idea nyou're going the run for the president of the united states or secretary of state and you had these most important documents and they've been out there and you haven't safeguarded them, why she wouldn't put them in the
11:35 am
department of state which is one of the more secure systems is beyond me. she wanted to cover it up and pretend it wasn't there. i think the american public doesn't believe this. 70% thinks she's not honest. that's one of the most telling things -- >> he continues to echo what she said to chris wallace also that the fbi director amended his statements the next day and he's saying that she did not do anything wrong. >> the truth of the matter is how you get this all done is the fbi director release their statement. as they traditionally don't do that because when you go in and testify, it's somewhat of a confidence. i don't believe she lied before the fbi when they questioned her because that would be very stupid. but i think she lied and basically did have classified documents and i think there has been a occurrences before that. there's a difference between the two. >> let's talk about the campaign now for a moment, the trump campaign for a moment. he is the latest polls are showing that he's trailing in the key swing states at this skru juncture. in august before the first
11:36 am
debate. do you put much stock into what you're seeing? >> very dangerous point for mr. trump. since the convention, he has had a couple of bad weeks. and part of the bad weeks is he's not running a traditional campaign. he makes fun of a traditional campaign. a traditional campaign spending -- as hillary's campaign is dogs, spending millions of dollars in states and putting on negative advertising. that stuff works. he may not think it works but it works. equally as important, every single night of the olympics, she's had commercials on it. he has nothing. my sense the technique today is you take immediately after the convention when feel are paying at teng and go out and try and define your opponent and take them out by august. they did this to romney. we did it to john kerry. my sense is they're hurting him pretty badly at this point in time and he needs to get on the air with the commercials. he needs to basically not have a week like he had this week where he gave a pretty good economic speech at the beginning of the week and basically never talked
11:37 am
about the rest of the week and all kinds of things that were total distractions. you have to be focused and drive your message in a clear way. >> let's talk for a moment about the reaction that you would have about the fact that he now -- he says something, president obama is responsible for -- he founded isis and then he walks it back several days later saying, well, it was sarcastic. i really didn't mean it. he's done that before. how are people supposed to take him seriously or not. >> the problem is that's comment and the comment that he made about the dem groups has dominated the week. if you're going to be explaining repeatedly what you said you haven't said it clearly. he's a good plan, strong leader, good economic plan. there's a very big difference between the two. if you want four more years of obama and hillary vote for her. if you want change, he has to articulate that and he has to be out there doing that every day. >> candidly though, the report of the folks defecting and not going to vote for him, are
11:38 am
republicans worried about party unity at this stage of the game that he may be throwing this away? >> as one republican very involved in his campaign and will support him to the bitter end, i'm worried. you have to have over 90% of your base voting for him. >> you're worried? >> i'm concerned. i'm concerned. i think they have always believed in adding after you get the nomination. you bring people to the party, you don't push people away. still a lot of republicans, a lot of republican establishment that aren't happy and the reason they're not happy is they may not have been informed but giving them sufficient reason over the last couple weeks to basically push themselves away. >> is the strategy then perhaps not to really think about the establishment or the base, gop members, trying to go after those attracted to trump during the primary? >> they're there. reality is that's not enough voters to get you there. >> do you think they have the perception that's enough to get them there. >> they do. i go back. it's all about numbers. get 50% of the vote plus one or somewhere plurality of those. and the best way to do that is
11:39 am
historically 90%, 92% of republicans vote for the republican candidate. 90%, 92% of the democrats, the other beg problem is women voters. 24% gap among women voters. keep talking about white males. the reality of 53% of the electorate are women. and if you have a 24% gap and you've got -- lost 10% more since the convention, you have serious problems. you've got to basically reach out to those people and bring them in and make them feel comfortable? >> thudo you think they're gett this message? >> i'm seeing trump himself behaving like, my goodness, i could lose this thing where i think early on he thought this is easy. i just got to go out and do big rallies and everybody will show up and love me. i think he now realizes it's a tough game, against a very tough team. the obama/clinton team know how to run brilliant campaigns. obama has run a brilliant campaign. she's picked right up on that. added to that. i think he's got to be prepared to do the same.
11:40 am
>> you think he's getting that now? >> i hope so. >> all right. ed rollins, good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. jobs, taxes, health care. both donald trump and hillary clinton talking a big game about how to improve this country's economy. whose plan offers the best solutions? we'll take a close look next. first, here's donald trump on the attacks. >> so many people today are working harder than they did 18 years ago. and they're making less money. and it's not supposed to be that way. and they're angry and they're upset. but we're going to change it. you' we're not going to let our jobs go. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit welcome back. hillary clinton and donald trump laying out their plans for boosting the economy sand creating jobs independent u.s. they hit on similar themes like manufacturing and trade but spent plenty of time in attack mode. mrs. clinton ripping trump's economic plan as only helping the rich while mr. trump insists
11:45 am
she only wants to regulate the economy to death. >> right now when a corporation outsources jobs and production, it can write off the cost. we must stop that and we must make them pay back any tax break they ever receive from any level of government in our country. >> our current tax code is so burdensome and so complex that we waste 9 billion hours a year in tax code compliance. my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from seven to three and dramatically streamline the process. >> joining us now john who is the chief correspondent for the "wall street journal." >> thanks for having me. >> you've had time to digest both plans this week. overall, what what's your assessment given the fact that both are offering plans that, you know, some are going to
11:46 am
like, someone are not going to like, but if you had to give a snapshot t public, how would you rate these plans? >> what i would say is hillary clinton's plan is what you would expect from an establishment democrat. she's talking about raising taxes on the wealthy. she's talking about infrastructure spending. she's talking about free education, free college education at public schools. what you get with donald trump is very much an anti-establishment plan, something that is not out of the playbook of republicans. so on the tax front he actually did lend his hand, he kind of threw his hat in the ring with house republicans and talked about cutting tax rates. but on many other respects this isn't a conventional republican plan. he's very tough on trade, which is not a conventional view. and he also wants to do a bigger infrastructure spending plan than hillary clinton herself does. he's talking about a trillion dollars of infrastructure
11:47 am
spending to rebuild airports and bridges. that's the kind of thing you would expect out of fdr and not a modern republican candidate. >> when he talks about the infrastructure investment doesn't that draw on deficit spending? >> well, so that's the other part of his plan, which is unconventional as far as republicans go. you know, in this case i think hillary clinton is the more fiscally conservative candidate because not only does donald trump want to cut taxes, which unless the economy grows a lot faster than any economist is expecting is going to reduce federal revenue, he wants to ramp up spending not only on infrastructure but military. that adds to the debt. he's worried in the past about $17 trillion of u.s. government debt, but he hasn't clearly articulated how he's going to get rid of all that debt. >> neither has mrs. clinton. both sides really haven't offered up a plan how they're going to approach and tack the debt which is obviously still a
11:48 am
looming problem in our country and one we can't turn our backs on. >> i think what hillary clinton is as far as debt and deficits go is a status quo candidate. she wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund other programs. which is what you would expect for the democrats. but as i say, donald trump is throwing out the playbook. he wants to cut taxes, increase spending, keep entitlements going. his plan if you add up all the numbers would increase debt and not keep it status quo, which is what hillary clinton would do. neither one of them really makes any progress reducing it and what matters there is that with all these baby boomers retiring, the debt burden is going to be getting bigger and bigger. and this could be the problem that they're not talking about that shocks people when they have to come in and start addressing it in the few year's time. >> do you think either side really is talking seriously about any type of entitlement reform? >> certainly not. i mean, what donald trump has said is that he wants to preserve the status quo particularly on social security.
11:49 am
hillary was pressed by bernie sanders to call for expanded benefits and she's talking a little bit about that on the margin. but we're really, you know, and trump talks about savings on wastes and fraud and abuse but every candidate says they want to get rid of that. >> always do. >> doesn't add much solutions to the problem. the other thaing i would say which isn't being talked about is how do you get the economy growing more quickly? the debt problems aren't a problem if our economy is growing 3% or 4% a year. when it's growing less than 2% a year the debt problems really build up. and in order to attack the growth issue, you need to be finding ways to make workers more productive. you need to be giving people more incentive to be joining the workforce rather than dropping out of the workforce. and neither candidate has really spoken out specificalliny about how they're going to go about doing that. >> certainly going to be
11:50 am
interesting to see how both sides continue to talk about the economy as they go forward, particularly in the debates to try to difference eight points to focus on it. we really appreciate
11:51 am
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11:54 am
more now on our top two stories making news that we're following right now. first, the deadly flooding right now in the mississippi, at least two people have been killed in louisiana. more than a thousand others rescued. the national guard looking at areas for anyone who needs help, the louisiana governor declares a state of emergency and urges everybody to be ready to evacuate. and overseas, we're following this developing story from switzerland, six people now
11:55 am
recovering from a vicious attack on a train. these are new pictures coming into fox news. a man setting fire to a train car as it entered a station in northeastern switzerland then attacking several passengers with a knife. we're told a 6-year-old child was also injured as well as two teenagers. police say the attacker was a swiss citizen who was also injured, and police say they don't believe the incident was terror-related. and american katie ledecky, in a league of her own, making breaking news from rio, plus all the latest headlines next.
11:56 am
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so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve. well, in case you have not been watching or keeping up here are the headlines from the rio olympics. team usa rowing to gold in the 8 today, the u.s. has dominated, with great britain rounding out the tops. katie ledecky finished more than 11 seconds ahead of her closer competitors. teammate mya durado caps the olympic gold in the 200 meter back stroke, beating the veteran swimmer from hungary. and michael phelps ties for silver, a young swimmer from
12:00 pm
singapore tying out the top medals. back in the pool tonight it could be the final swim of his legendary career, that is must-see tv for sure. that is all for us. have a great day and a great weekend weekend. i want to jump start america. and it can be done. and it won't even be that hard. our opposition, on the other hand, has long ago run out of ideas. all hillary clinton has to offer is more of the same, more taxes, more regulations. more bureaucrats. more restrictions on american energy and on american production. more of that. if you were a foreign power looking to weaken america you could not do better than hillary


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